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Laser Training Bullet Circuit Mode:

The laser will turn on when the trigger is pulled and will keep on when the firing-pin press of the end cap. The laser will turn off after 0.5 seconds once the firing-pin release the end cap.


-Power Output: 650nm, 5mW, Class IIIA
-Batteries included: 3xAlkaline button batteries
-Battery Life: 3000 shots
-Type: Visible Red Laser
-Range for Sighting:5-100 yards
-Dot Size:1 inches at 25 yards
-Construction: Brass

-Finishing: Gold-Plated
-Temperature:-10 to +50°
-Min. Diameter: Depends on Caliber
-Max. Diameter: Depends on Caliber
-Length: Depends on Caliber


Laser Training bullet Descriptions:

The laser is a bullet designed for training and shooting simulation.

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